PHP Compilation for Litespeed Webserver

Litespeed web server doesn’t come with all PHP modules, we need to compile PHP from source to add any new (or) third-party modules to PHP.

When the Litespeed installation is done, we can compile php and add the new php as a module.

1. Download the desired php version we need from Here we are picking latest stable 5.3.20 version.

tar -zxf php-5.3.20.tar.gz

2. Change the directory to sapi

cd php-5.3.20/sapi

3. We need to download latest litespeed module for php. (PHP 5.3.x comes with litespeed 4.x module but we are picking latest module from here )

rm -rf litespeed
tar -zxf php-litespeed-6.1.tgz

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